5 Questions You Have To Answer Before You Start Remodeling Your Basement

Basements are the most annoying part of any home, because the majority of people are not certain how they can use them and for what purpose. If your basement is giving you a headache, perhaps remodeling it could do the trick!

If you are thinking about some basement renovations, here are the essential questions you must make sure that you can answer before doing so. Make sure you know the answer to these questions before you start any remodeling of your basement, otherwise you will be in for frustration when the moist kicks in. So, here they are, the five questions:

  1. Is It Dry?

The first thing you have to make sure is that your basement can be used as something else than storage, and for this you need a dry basement. Prior to any remodeling make sure that your basement does not have any water issues. Needless to say, some of the obvious signs that your basement is not dry enough are pools of water or water drips through the below-grade walls. What you want to do in order to make sure that your basement is dry, is to actually check even the outside, in order to make sure that the ground is graded away from the foundation of the basement. While you are at it, search for cracks in your foundation walls, and repair them if necessary.

  1. Can You Keep It Dry?

If the moisture problems have not been resolved, make sure that you hire a contractor who will deal with the water problems once and for all. If you are unable to keep your basement dry do not expect to be doing any successful remodeling in the near future. In addition to that, if there are any permits that you should get, perhaps a contractor will be informed of them, in case the plumbing or the electrical work need to be inspected.

  1. How Are Your Fasteners Doing?

Before you start remodeling your basement, make sure that you are aware of the fasteners that attach your basement. Generally speaking, the majority of basements consist of some sort of masonry, cement, blocks or bricks. If you plan to attach framing, you may need to attach them with something more powerful than a nail or screw.

  1. Have You Considered Adding A Vapor Barrier?

Back to the moisture issues! Make sure that you are aware that your basement might become a damp place (even if it is not right now, at the moment of speaking damp per se). It is a good idea to consider adding a vapor barrier that will lay down for a day or two, just in order to check how much moisture is circulating, before you proceed with the additional work.

  1. What Do You Want From Your Basement?

Knowing what you want will get you there a lot sooner. Make sure that you know what you want to make out of your basement and have an idea long before you start basement remodeling. Otherwise hire a company, e.g. Basement Renovations Toronto In addition to that, if you see that your ideas cannot be realized, make sure that you are realistic as to what can and cannot be done in your basement.

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